As the time gets near
you prayed it would disappear
please, just one time
a healthy baby that is mine
can't you give
a big fat positive

Make it a girl or boy
either one would bring me joy
could it be that I may
live without another cliche'
"it will happen when it does"
"why make such a big fuss"

Only the ones with infertility
understand what it's like to be me
is it my husband or me
the thought causes me to cry
with the one question...Why?
To see little fingers and toes
and a cute button nose

So many tears have been shed
lying at night in bed
wondering how it would be
to have a baby inside of me

Someone pregnant will walk by
I try so hard not to cry
Why her, Why not me?
I think of every possibility
For my Infertility
I try to keep hope
that's the only way I can cope
my heart continues to break
every negative causes it to ache

Maybe one day i will see
A precious baby staring back at me
Love it with all my heart 
and promise to never part
God i hope you guide me through this
For that is my only wish
I deserve the chance to be a mom
to sing my baby a song
Take a look at me
For I am the face of INFERTILITY!!