Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Snuggles : Boo... the other white milk.

This post could also be titled: "Short & Sweet Saturday"...

I've been thinking since Wednesday what I could write to follow up to "Things...". I actually have some thoughts-- including my husband's reaction to that blog & my reaction to his reaction-- I know that sounds weird, but his take surprised me and I realized I hadn't heard his entire thought on the subject before.

Anyway-- that'll probably be next Wednesday's blog..

Today (tonight?) I'm keeping it short & sweet. I had a wedding cake delivery today, dinner with my father-in-law & sister-in-law (and kids & hubby-- who were all with me on my cake delivery-- can we say "STRESS"!?), so I'm wiped out.

This morning, my 3.5 year old pulled a 'Guggie' on me. This is my new term for when someone says something so obvious.. so evident.. so TRUE.... (like Guggie Daly's quote about circumcision).

She asked to 'boo' today. This has been going on the past week, as she's been battling some germies and has asked for (& been granted) 'boo'.

Chloe was taken aback, as she hasn't been around for this sporadic un-weaning. She said to Marley, "Don't you want 'egular' milk?" (yes, Mo calls white milk 'egular as opposed to chocolate milk).

Marley looked at Chloe & without missing a beat says...... wait for it...... this kid, in her infinite wisdom responds (loudly)........

"Boo *is* 'egular milk!"

(insert jawdrop & beams of sunshine from me).

She then told Chloe that "it's sweet & yummy" & that "it makes you feel better and not sick".

My kid at 3.5 years old knows what lactivists everywhere have been trying to say for ages...

Breastfeeding is NORMAL. It is 'regular'! Cow milk for baby cows, human milk for baby humans & all that jazz.

I have never been so proud of a child as I was in that moment!!

My Little Lactivist 2008

Well... there was the day I came downstairs to this.... ;o)

Have a great weekend, everyone!