Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A B C D E F..... G?!

Today has been quite the interesting day....

For about the past month, my right shoulder has been giving me a fit. It all started with a mini cupcake marathon consisting of baking & decorating about 350 cupcakes. I honestly thought it was stress brought on by my grandpa's condition and the fact that he was close to passing. My mom, a massage therapist, managed to get me to make time to climb up on her table once to try and help me. I can't make time to do that every night or as much as I need to, and the pain has gotten increasingly worse.

I finally went to the doctor-- something I do not enjoy. I felt more at ease this time since an osteopath just joined the practice-- I felt like she would help me figure this out in a more natural manner before suggesting cortisone shots or surgery or something.

She listened to me as I explained the pain, how it developed, how it had progressed, and why I had waited a month from the onset to come in. She then asked me to turn around and ran her hands over my spine and shoulder.

She made a noise-- that noise that lets you know she just found out what I was talking about... "Oh....!". I was worried, & responded "oh?????????".

That's where it gets funny-- she let me know that it was my boobs. Mainly my right one. It's larger (I knew that) and is pulling on my back causing me all this grief (I didn't think it was *that* big).

The solution should be fairly simple... Stop buying my bras at Target (& discount department stores).

"But," I protested, "I'm wearing a 40DD!... I'm mainly spilling out on the one side, so I guess that's probably a triple D?" (not even really thinking that was a recognized size)

She laughed.

But it was that kind laugh.. the 'I've been there' laugh... She said, "I'M a double D. You are not a double D. You are going to be surprised...."

She suggested I go get fitted properly and said I should go to Nordstrom to do so. She then promptly pulled up their website, gave me the name of a few brands that she has found to be supportive and that also hold up well. (Gotta love WiFi, right!?) FYI: those brands are Chantelle, Wacoal, & Natori.

Well, today I finally broke down and went. My own feeble attempt at measuring last night let me know I was probably looking at a difference of about 7 inches between my 'band' & 'cup', which corresponded with a 'G' cup. *Yikes*. The guide I found also stated to add inches to my 'band' measurement, but that evidently isn't accurate, as I was measured to be a 38 today.

I tried on a ton of different bras, and the one thing I realized is that there is a serious need for GOOD SUPPORTIVE (stylish?) nursing bras. I've seen 'stylish' nursing bras, but I have yet to find one that is truly supportive. In general, I've given up. I just pull down the cup of a regular bra (though my new ones fit so well that's not easy). (If you think you have a nursing bra for larger cup sizes that is the bees knees, I'd be happy to review it for you!!)

I also came to see that a good bra (fit) really does make a difference. My shoulder isn't miraculously better, but it is much better-- I paid for my bra and promptly went to the bathroom to change into it!

Here is a guide to help you determine the fit of your bra and if you should be wearing a different size.

And here is me.... poor quality cell pics, but it's me before & after. The difference isn't so much in what you can see, it's really in what you can't & what I can feel... but I think you can still see some subtle changes.

(L to R) Before, in a $15 40DD / After in a $71 38G Chantelle C Chic


Jenn @ Connected Mom said... [Reply to comment]

man, I need to do the same thing :( on a side note, time for the connected mom bra company?

Carmen said... [Reply to comment]

lol, jenn! & i agree-- i think every woman should be fitted properly, at a store that carries enough sizes that they don't have to fudge your numbers to put you in an 'in stock' bra, & by a woman who knows how to fit you properly.

the photos definitely don't do justice to the difference i feel!

yvette sportsbra said... [Reply to comment]

I have two favorites: Yvette zip front sports bra plus size from Amazon ($29.9) and Champion Molded Cup Racer from Target ($18.99) - love, love, love them!

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