Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday School: Resources for toddlers and preschoolers

If you have a little one under five at home, Sunday School is your ultimate resource for activities, projects, and resources from our pre-homeschooling home to yours! Whether you plan to homeschool/unschool or not, here's some ideas for the week. Check back next Sunday for more fun ideas and information!


Make an Art Gallery - This easy-to-make art gallery costs less than $5 to make and only takes 10-15of time, but your little one will be proud to display their masterpieces.

1 piece of stiff felt
1 piece of regular, contrasting felt
5+ clothesline pins
Glue gun

Cut your piece of stiff felt into two or three length-wise pieces and glue them together. Lay out your clothespins equal distances apart and glue on. Cut out "My Art" or "Works of Art" or "Art Gallery" and glue to the stiffened felt. That's it! Hang it low enough that your child can easily hang their new drawings each day.


Making Faces - Using a mirror talk with your child about emotions like anger, sadness, excitement, etc. Make an angry face, a scared face, and so on and examine what you look like in the mirror. This activity will help to build your child's sense of empathy.

Face puppets - Cut out facial features from magazines and help your child choose the pieces to make a face. Discuss proper facial symmetry and the what each feature does (we need two eyes to see the world, we need a nose to smell). Glue the pieces on a paper sack and create puppets for afternoon play.

Make a body buddy - Lay out a long piece of paper and have your child lay down on it. You can get rolls of paper at your local teacher supply store. Trace the outline of their body and cut it out. Let them color or paint their body buddy.

Website of the Week:
I Can Teach My Child
This fun website is full of great educational activities created by a former first grade teacher.


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