Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Surf!

Here are some of the great posts I came across this week.  Many thanks to Connected Mom Julian for helping me with this list!

From Julian: I think she is doing such an amazing job addressing the myths and misconceptions of extended breastfeeding and providing genuine, fact based, and honest answers to questions many have about the practice. She's just posted #4 in the series and plans to continue.  Extended Breastfeeding Myth #4: A Boys Sexuality from Mommypatomus

Also from Julian: Second is Hobo Mama's post about manners, it was really informative and got me thinking about the manners I model to Oliver:  Dropping the "say" please script

A friend of mine shared this enlightening look at the state of education in American society.  I thoroughly agree:  Anti-Intellectualism and Public Views of Education and Inquiry

Nursing Freedom is offering awesome state specific breastfeeding law cards.  A great gift for baby showers or your own bag, and the proceeds help defray the cost of running Nursing Freedom!
I'm pretty behind on blogs right now, but I really wanted to share these great resources!


Mommypotamus said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you Jenn and Julian for the link love! BTW, I loved Hobo Mama's post about instructing kids about manners vs. modeling them. It's definitely been a little bit of both in our home, but now I'll be more conscientious about modeling.

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