Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy 4 Month Birthday, Connected Daughter!

Four months ago, our family grew a little bigger and my heart doubled in size.  Four months ago you were a sleepy little ball of pure joy.  Today you are a big, cuddly, slobbering, giggly, rolly-poly ball of joy!

At 4 months you:

Snort and belly laugh at big brother's silliness.

Kick your feet out with excitement when you see someone you love.

Blow raspberries back at Daddy.

Throw your arms over your eyes when big brother tries to wake us up in the morning.  You get this from mommy.

Finally wake up with a huge grin.

Want to stand up all the time and can actually pull up to stand on our laps.

Roll and scoot all over the living room.

Have two perfect dimples!


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