Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Circle+Bloom's Natural Cycle for Fertility

Having tried to get and stay pregnant for three years, I had tried things all over the map.  From charting to not charting, from relaxation to actually trying, from acupuncture to seeing a doctor and having 8 ultrasounds in 8 weeks.  My energy has gotten better with different things, but nothing has had that "edge" that I have been looking for.  Nothing was really working to keep me pregnant.  And the stress of it was getting worse every cycle.

A few of my friends in the infertility circle had tried Circle+Bloom's meditation tracks and absolutely raved about them.  A few got pregnant and stayed pregnant, a few didn't but still swore by the program.

I was at the point where it didn't matter what I would try, I wasn't so much trying to get pregnant, but relax and release the stress I was building up with each day and cycle that passed.

Circle+Bloom has been absolutely amazing and sent me the download to their Natural Cycle for Fertility Program.  I was already on cycle day 19, but that didn't matter.  Their tracks are made so you can listen to and start on the day you are on, you don't have to wait for a new cycle, which is a huge plus since you never know when you need to start listening and waiting for another cycle can be stressful in and of itself.

The first time I listened to one of the tracks, my best friend and I were at acupuncture.  I put the track on my Kindle and made it loud enough for both of us to listen since she is trying to get pregnant also, and I wanted her opinion on it.

The beginning of all the tracks start with relaxing.  I am still amazed, even after doing this for 5 days, that I can get to such an incredible state of relaxation within minutes.  Except that first day, I have done them all right before bed so I can relax the day away and get ready to fall asleep.  Each track is about 15 minutes long, so enough time to relax without staying up too late, and then because you are so relaxed, it is easy to shut off the track and fall asleep.

I have a lot of trouble trusting my body after what I have been through, and the day 19 track talked about how negative thoughts and feelings won't hurt your baby, but keeping those thoughts and feelings in will cause stress which isn't good for trying to get pregnant and while pregnant.  Everyone always tells me to think positively, and to let go of the negative energy, which is great advice, but after six losses and three years of trying, it is so much harder to do than they believe.  Having a mind body connection knowing that my negative thoughts on my body won't hurt the growing egg was absolutely invaluable.  It was so refreshing to know that it is okay to be worried and scared.

Another one of the best days was one completely concentrated on my circulatory system and getting fresh oxygenated blood to my uterus and growing baby.  When you concentrate on certain parts of your body, you can feel them getting stronger, and for myself, they feel energized.

For fifteen minutes a day, I was able to relax deeply, focus just on myself, and work with my body rather than against it.  I was able to feel focused and exhilarated after just the fifteen minutes.

I'm still in the two week wait, but already this cycle is so much different than the others.  I am more relaxed, I am listening to my body more, and I am able to let the stresses wash away better.  I am still worried about getting and staying pregnant, but that is something that I need to work on for more than 15 minutes a day, and slowly I am getting there.  I do think that the meditation tracks are working, and that in and of itself is huge.  I have a lot of fear to let go of, and anything that helps is amazing in my book.

This program is $59.00 for the download right to your computer, and $69.00 for the CDs sent to you.  It does feel a little bit pricey, but considering how much money a lot of people spend on Ovulation Prediction Tests, Pregnancy Tests, and other trying to conceive products, this is just one more expense, and one I believe is so much more worth it than other things you can buy.

There is nothing like the feeling you will get when you listen to this program, and the relaxation is just one part.  The Mind-Body connection is so powerful and using that while trying to get pregnant can be invaluable.

I received the Circle+Bloom Natural Cycle for Fertility Program to review, no other compensation was given, and the views expressed are my own.


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