Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Their Grubby Hands Are Everywhere!

Many in the natural minded community have heard of the "No Nestle" boycott.  I didn't learn about it until around September, but now I try really hard to stay away from Nestle products (even though Willy Wonka candy is my *absolute favorite candy in the world*).

Personally, I just am not comfortable giving money to a company that uses child labor and pushes formula samples on third world countries until they are hooked.  I understand that my not buying Nestle doesn't really matter, but it makes me feel cleaner and less guilty.

Lately, it has gotten harder and harder to stay away from Nestle and their partners.  It feels as though they have their grubby hands everywhere!

(Here is the full Nestle product list. They have made a few new acquisitions over the last few months and I don't know if there are on there, but this is the majority of Nestle products)

My family tries very hard to stay away from Nestle, even their partners, such as General Mills.  Until last week.

I found out that Coca-Cola is a partner of Nestle.

Now, I am a Pepsi drinker.  I hate Coke.  To me it has a weird after taste and I just do not like drinking it.  My husband is opposite.  He hates Pepsi but *loves* coke.  When I told him that Coke is a partner of Nestle, I knew we would have to make a choice.

Do we stay completely Nestle-free, or do we still have coke in the house knowing that some of their profit goes to Nestle?

I may not live the greenest lifestyle.  I love fast food, I use cleaners with chemicals that others frown at, my daughter watches TV and can quote quite a few movies, but I do try hard to have very little waste and always want to try more green options.

However, Nestle is one place that stepped over the line for me.  It doesn't matter if their food is good or their candy is my favorite.  I refuse to buy it.

So, when a company is partners with another, is it is crossing the line to buy it?  My husband has been very good with my weird "No Nestle" campaign, but I knew that asking him to stop drinking coke would have been a deal breaker.

Anything that says Nestle on the package, I refuse to buy.  Period.  I try my hardest to stay away from any partners of Nestle, just because I don't feel comfortable giving any amount of money to a company that has shady practices.  And for my husband, he has agreed to limit drinking coke, and he will only buy it if we are at a restaurant or out to eat, so we won't actually have any in the house.

For our family, we had to figure out what worked for us.  It seems like Nestle is involved in everything, and limiting foods and drinks can be really hard.  Especially if it is something that you love.  If you want to boycott Nestle, you can pick and choose what you won't buy.  Some of my friends only boycott things that specifically say they are made by Nestle.  Others have a full on boycott so they stay away from partners and anyone that shares money with Nestle.

When trying to live a green life, you have to find out what works for your family.  You are the ones that find out how to live, how you want to raise your children.  If that means changing what you buy, that is your choice.

In the end, you have to be comfortable with your life, and no one else can decide that for you.


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