Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yeast, Be Gone!

In five years, I have only ever had three yeast infections.  The first one, I didn't know any better and used Monistat.  The next two have been the last two months.

I understand more about chemicals that are put into my body and what they can do.  I haven't taken synthetics for about two years, and I am happier that way.

So when I started itching last month, I had to find a way to get rid of the blasted yeast without using Monistat.

I had so many recommendations, and I was so amazed how well they all worked to stop the infection from increasing, and how fast the yeast is zapped and leaves that I had to share.

Ways to make yeast wish it had never started to bloom, all the while not putting crap in your body

1.  Probiotics - If you're at the store, you will probably recognize Acidophilus instead of probiotics, but they are the same thing.  Probiotics are made of live bacteria that are beneficial to the body.  They aid digestion, but they are also great for the immune system.  While you are on antibiotics, sick, or fighting an infection, probiotics are the way to go.  It's a good idea to take them all the time, but that is up to you.  If you get probiotics in gel capsules, you can insert them vaginally so it gets right to fighting the yeast, but taking them orally does the same thing, albeit not as fast.

2.  Garlic - This one might sound gross, and a little bit weird, but a clove a garlic can break the back of yeast really fast.  Garlic is great for infections to begin with since they kill the bad bacteria while leaving the good, and they strengthen your immune system in the process.  Garlic capsules are a great idea for general health, if you don't mind them being garlic ;).  For yeast, you will get actual garlic, break it into the individual cloves.  You only want to take the wrapping and shell off one clove at a time.  Once the skin is peeled off and the soft inside of the clove is exposed, you decide how potent you want your garlic clove to be.  Exposing the inside of the clove makes it more potent.  Depending on how bad your infection is, and it's best to start treatment right when you start feeling itchy and not wait until the thick vaginal discharge, decides how much of the garlic you want exposed.  For myself, I cut the top and bottom off, then slit the clove down the middle.  The more you cut the clove, the more potent, so if your skin is very tender from the yeast, it will burn a bit.  Once it is inside and working, it should stop, but it might linger.

Another thing to do is threat the clove.  If you want to stick the clove in without string, have at it, but speaking for personal experience, the clove likes to work its way inbetween your cervix and vaginal wall and it takes quite a bit of digging and position changes to get it out, and it hurts since your skin is a little bit sore from the yeast.  Threading the garlic gives you a string to pull on when you are done with that clove so you don't have to go digging.

Garlic will make your discharge a little bit more soupy and thick, but that is what it is supposed to do.  Also, it is best to do the garlic at night.  Your vagina and mouth are very connected, and for a lot of women, putting garlic in vaginally leaves a garlic aftertaste in your mouth that you can't brush away.  But, as soon as the garlic is removed, so is the taste in your mouth.

3.  Vinegar - Now, I wanted to kick this yeast's butt fast, so I used both Apple Cider Vinegar and White Vinegar.  You don't have to use both, though the Apple Cider works better, they both have great results.  There are a few options with each of these, so it isn't just a one shot wonder.

One option is taking a warm bath with Apple Cider Vinegar.  I don't really measure, just put a splash of the vinegar in the bath and soak.  This regulates your pH, and kills the yeast.  Plus, it calms the itching down, which is my biggest complaint with yeast.

Another option is to take a peri bottle, like the kind you use after having a baby, and fill it with warm water and put a splash of either Apple Cider or White Vinegar into the bottle.  After you pee, shower, bathe, or just are itching more than normal, use this as a rinse.  It calms the itch down, and kills the yeast, just like the bath.

The last option, and this is better for UTI's than yeast, but a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in an 8 oz glass of water will help get rid of the infection on the inside.  It tastes awful, but it does help.

4.  Frozen Coconut Oil Balls - This may sound a bit weird, but coconut oil is an all around healer.  Coconut is a great antibacterial oil, and a great moisturizer.  For yeast, if the itching is really bad and you don't want to use an OTC anti-itch cream, take coconut oil, roll it into little balls and freeze them.  The cold helps get rid of the itch, and the coconut helps kill the yeast.  It's a win-win!

5.  Ice - If you don't have coconut oil on hand, ice cubes on your vulva can help take the itch away.

6.  Limit Sugar - Yeast *thrives* in a sugary environment.  One of the best ways to keep yeast at bay and to kill it fast is to limit your sugar intake.  This goes for everything yeast can do from vaginal yeast infections to thrush.  I know for me, limiting sugar sucks, but it does help kill the yeast that much faster if I follow it.

If you are vigilant, and keep on it, especially with the garlic, the yeast will be gone in 2-3 days.  With last month and this month, I caught the yeast as it was itching, and with everything on this list, my yeast was completely gone in two days.  And I didn't have to use anything that isn't natural, which was amazing.

Is there anything you would add to the list?  Yeast can suck, how do you get rid of it when it shows up?


Minnesotagal said... [Reply to comment]

I wonder if clove oil in a carrier oil (or even mixed with the coconut oil balls) would work in place of the actual clove on a string.

Kayce Pearson said... [Reply to comment]

I'm not sure. I know that the clove of garlic when slit continues to secrete for hours, whereas if you had just garlic in a carrier oil, it would stop and need to be reapplied regularly instead of left overnight like the clove.

Julian@connectedmom said... [Reply to comment]

I could have used this last month! lol.

Usually I just limit sugar and keep the area as clean as possible and it clears without any extra help, but last month I had a super itchy one and I think the vinigar rinse would have helped a lot!

Rachael said... [Reply to comment]

The garlic worked for me!

Tara said... [Reply to comment]

Boric acid (comes in powder form from the drug store) and put into gel caps and stick in day and night for three days. My Ob-Gyn (also my best friend's mom) told me this years ago when I was on a yeast infection epidemic and it by far was the quickest most effective (and a hell of a lot cheaper than Monistat etc) thing I found. Also, limit coffee intake (as mentioned yeast thrives in sugar environments but also acidic - so cut the coffee and a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water doesn't hurt - it will neutralize the acid (the baking soda trick is also a good fix for bladder infections to tide you over until you get to the doc for actual treatment).

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