Wednesday, December 8, 2010

5 Easy Activities for Indoor Fun

Winter is upon us and that means little ones stuck at home with a lot of energy to expend.  Here's some fun, easy ways to pass the time when the weather has you inside.  So whether it's raining, snowing, or just too
darn cold to go out, there's still plenty of things to do inside!

1.  Puppet theatre

You will need:
- an old curtain
- a bistro curtain rod
- stuffed animals
- a silly toddler

No sewing necessary!  Just run the curtain along the rod and flip the extra length over the rod.  Your child will entertain himself (and you) for hours!

2.  Have a snowball fight

You will need:
- Cotton balls
- Bored kids
- Glue

Throw cotton balls at one another, try to throw them in a bowl, and finish up my rolling and gluing them up into a snowman.  All the fun of snow without the frost bite!

3.  Create rain art

You will need:
- An old sheet or plain pieces of muslin
- Fingerpaints

Cut the sheet up into "canvases," and let the kids fingerpaint on them.  Then hang or lay them in the rain and watch as it washes and swirls it into a beautiful, unique piece of art.

4.  Living room bowling

You will need:
- A few empty plastic bottles or cartons
- a lightweight ball

Line up the bottles in pin formation and bowl!  Turn it into a learning activity and count the number of pins you knock down each time.

5.  Go swimming!

You will need:
- Swim suits
- Beach gear like a floaty, bucket or other small pool toy

Fill up the tub and have a day at the porcelain beach!  Sure, it's snowing outside but how about a little July in December!


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

These are great ideas! We live in Alaska, where it's -30 right now, so outside fun is pretty much OUT for me & my toddler. Thanks for the suggestions!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I don't know what muslin is, but we did the same thing with water washable paints (not water color paints) and printer paper. Sprinklers or spray bottles are good sources of water too! This really does make beautiful designs.

Jenn @ Connected Mom said... [Reply to comment]

muslin is just cheap cotton from the fabric store :)

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