Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fluffy Rumps (Giveaway)


When I started cloth diapering, I opted to use PUL covers over our beloved fitteds. I feared leaks. I feared being out in public and having my son soaked from the waist down. I have a strange phobia of wet wool, so the idea of woolies kind of lost me.

I stumbled across Fluffy Rumps on Facebook. I "liked" them, and then snooped her selection of fabrics. Prior to this I had never considered fleece. My husband has a strange dislike for fleece the way I have for wet wool. However, I was intrigued. I needed to try them out!

Fluffy Rumps sent me a suuuper adorable pair of single layer longies to review. She also offers double layer, as well as soakers. I chose the camo fabric, mainly because it caught my husbands eye the most. This mama works fast! I had my longies really quickly, and they were made to order!

I tested these out around the house first. I mismeasured. They're a smidge too long, but that's probably a good thing. I like how comfortable they seem. They're roomy, breathable and so easy. My son, who will be 11 months tomorrow, is squirmy. Fussing with snap covers is often an added step that I dread these days. I can throw his Fluffy Rumps longies on him and let him go. His knees are protects as he army crawls (coincidence, I swear!) and I don't have to worry about him having leaks. The ultimate test, though, was how they would hold up overnight. I hesitantly put these on Holliday at bedtime. I feared I would wake to a sopping wet mess. However, I woke to a perfect dry and happy boy. I was sold!

I now reach for these fleece longies quite often. My husband even reaches for these and quite enjoys them. They're great for outings, especially since you don't need to take extra covers in the diaper bag. I love them and I would love to add 3 or 4 more pairs to our stash. They're that great!

Fluffy Rumps is giving one of our readers a chance to win a pair of single layer longies / soaker for themselves... or their babes, either way, how generous! How do you win? Go over to the Fluffy Rumps page and "like" them. Then, go to our Facebook page and tell us what you would would choose if you end up being our winner! Easy right?

Thank you Fluffy Rumps for the super great product to review, we are a fan!

~ Tammy, Connected Mom


Rhonda said... [Reply to comment]

Yay! I'm so happy that you like them! One point to note, however, is that they aren't absorbent... Fleece is water resistant, and that is what makes them so awesome! Thank you so much for the great review, and I'll be looking forward to meeting the happy winner!
Rhonda @ FluffyRumps

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