Monday, December 13, 2010

Spotlight on a Breastfeeding Partner #1

The Spotlight on a Breastfeeding Partner series aims to highlight the fathers, partners, or cheerleaders behind a breastfeeding mom.  This celebration of breastfeeding support underscores the role support people play in successful breastfeeding and provides encouragement for future breastfeeding partners.  To nominate someone in your life for the spotlight, click here.

Role: Dad
Supporting breastfeeding since: 2007

Josh is my husband, and the inspiration for this series.  When our son was born via unplanned cesarean in 2007, Josh worked with me to beat the booby traps. He helped finger feed my pumped milk to fix a latch problem with the help of a lactation consultant and helped check our son's latch at every feeding during those critical first weeks (lower lip flip!).  He's been known to spoon feed me during those early, extended nursing sessions and he gladly cooks meals, even preparing things for me to heat up when he'll be away for the night.

He's a proud supporter of nursing in public.  He encourages co-sleeping so I get sleep.  And he always understands if I have to drop everything to nurse.  He's even patiently sat by when I've taken calls from new moms who need breastfeeding support,  He proudly wears the lactivist badge and actively checks labels to boycott Nestle.  He supported me through two years of nursing my son and is psyched that we'll be doing child-led weaning with our daughter.

My Interview with Josh

Why is breastfeeding important to you?
Because it's what's best for my family.  It makes my children, whom I love more than anything, happy and ensures their physical and emotional health.

What's one thing you didn't expect about breastfeeding?
How much I'd wish I could breastfeed.  Not just feed, a bottle isn't the same, but actually nurse.  I'd love to experience that bond once.

Anything else?
Breastfeeding is important to me, because it's important to you.  Supporting you has been an honor.


Belly Rumblings said... [Reply to comment]

Rock on Josh! It's been a long time since he and I worked together but I have to say his support for you resulted in many shifts talking about BF, CD, cosleeping, etc. I didn't know anyone who did any of those things IRL before Josh! I can honestly say that without Josh I would probably be totally mainstream and not very "connected." :)

Jenn @ Connected Mom said... [Reply to comment]

That will make his day!

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