Wednesday, November 3, 2010

'Where has the week gone' Wednesday

This week has been a blast... starting with Halloween on Sunday, no school for Chloe Monday or Tuesday... and suddenly it's Wednesday!

I've been working on cleaning out our playroom (donating, storing, and tossing toys), the girls' room (so many clothes!!!) and the bathroom closet (too much makeup!).

For Halloween we celebrated a day early by participating in a 'Zombie Walk' to benefit the American Cancer Society.

I dressed up along with the girls & Killian and we walked in a shopping district of our capital city, Richmond.

We all had a blast & everyone enjoyed seeing 'the zombie baby!!!!!' and took tons of photos. I used the stroller since the walk was fairly lengthy, but decorated it and Killian seemed to enjoy the ride!

Afterwards, we went to an eclectic restaurant called the 'Galaxy Diner' and had lunch with the best dessert.. ok, desserts! (Fried oreos AND a gooey brownie sundae)

We were quite the sight with our make-up on, and I can only imagine what anyone thought who caught a glimpse of me not only NIP, but NIP-ing a zombie baby while covered in blood!

I just love Halloween and so do the kids-- well, the girls do-- and I hope Killian will as well.

I hadn't planned to write about Halloween tonight until a link popped up in my Facebook feed... I wasn't quite sure about it, but then it kept getting re-posted by friends. I finally clicked over and had a read at the blog and the many comments at Nerdy AppleBottom's blog.

I want to 'grow up' to be like this mom. I read over many of her other entries and she is very much a real mom-- & a funny one at that.

Do you celebrate Halloween? What were your kids dressed as this year? Do you dress up? Would you allow your child to dress as a character of a different gender? What about in daily life-- should this only be allowed in the context of costuming or do you let your boy wear skirts/boas/play in high heels regardless of the day?


Carla said... [Reply to comment]

I saw the same blog post earlier today, and I am totally in love with that little boy! His mother and women like her are my heroes.

I'm a huge fun Halloween dress-up fan since my husband and I started going to another friend's annual Halloween party. It didn't work out this year unfortuantely, and my planned birthday present costume supplies now sit pathetically in our kitchen. :(

I would have no problem with my kids dressing as the opposite sex for Halloween or for any other day, and if their school says it's not allowed they will no longer attend that school. I would never try to restrict my child's identity in any way, including gender identity, just to uphold some nonsensical, culturally constructed gender roles. I would see it as abusive to tell my child I don't approve of who he or she is and I don't support who they think they are.

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