Friday, November 12, 2010

Charlie Banana

I was lucky enough to test out a Charlie Banana 2 in 1 diaper. They sent me a beautiful hot pink diaper, with both disposable and washable inserts. First thing I noticed about this diaper was that the pocket opening is located in the front. I love this! I have diapers similar to this style, but the opening is located in the back. I think this is fairly common. I appreciate the front opening mainly because I have boys. I find I can cater to their wet zone more easily with stuffing from the front.

The fit is amazing. I compared this diaper to another brand that happens to be very similar. Charlie Banana has extra snaps. While my youngest has super chunky thighs, he is pretty average in the torso. The extra snap's allow for a much better, more clingy fit. The inner is also super soft and yummy.

While I tested both the washable and disposable inserts, I will say I prefer the washable. Mainly because of the green factor. The disposables were definitely impressive. They held what my super soaker had to offer, which is often a lot. I just felt that if I was handling pee soaked inserts, I'd like to toss it in the wet bag or washer rather than the trash. However, I would turn to the disposable option for vacations or lengthly babysitter stays. The washable inserts are fluffy and fabulous. I received two, which made it perfect to stuff according to our needs at the time.

Charlie Banana also sent along a laundry bag. I have to say, the print did it for me. Super cute and boyish. When CDing friends saw it, they fell in love with the print (Under Construction). This bag will easily become just that, a laundry bag for my son's room. Super durable, well made, waterproof and did I mention how great the print is?

The great thing about Charlie Banana is that they are readily available. You don't need a fancy baby boutique to get your hands on them. You can find them at Target, Amazon and Babies R Us. Check out the prices, too!

Overall, I really have fallen in love with Charlie Banana products. They're cost effective, Eco friendly, durable and I cannot tell you how great the hot pink looks on my son :P I would love a 6 pack for Christmas, they're that great!

Thanks for the wonderful review package, Charlie Banana!

~ Connected Mom, Tammy


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I just bought one and it's on its way over to me now - so phew! I thought it was going to be a bad review...

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