Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Snuggles

I hope you all have had a good week! Most of the kiddos are back to school (whether at home or otherwise) and starting to get back to a routine.

I had the pleasure of making a cake for my grandparent's 50th anniversary and spent the day with them.

Marley is doing well with preschool two days a week and I've adjusted pretty well, too! My sister in law is great at keeping in touch with me and letting me know how the day went, but allows the other teacher(s) in the class to be Marley's 'buddy' at school. It's great because it has meant that family time remains family time.

Killian and I are getting accustomed to some one on one time, but he sure is happy to see his sister at the end of the day.

Chloe seems to be adjusting to 3rd grade seamlessly, and her teacher is very nice.

"Back to school" of course means change of seasons & allergies along with germies in general. Mo has the sniffles, so do I, and Chloe has that plus a cough. Killian has 'teethed' on his middle finger until he developed paronychia. After a few mommy tricks, it wasn't getting any better & now he's on antibiotics.

As usual, one of my 'mommy tricks' was breastmilk. There's not much that happens around here that I don't try milk for.

Just a few months ago, Chloe was complaining of an itchy eye. It had her miserable and whiny and finally I convinced her to try 'boo'. She freaked at first when I walked in with the dropper, "I don't want boo juice in my EYYYYYYYYYYE!", but begrudgingly admitted that it helped. When she woke up in the morning --miracle of miracles-- her eye was fine.

Not long after that, my mom sent Ben home with a proposed barter. Deviled eggs from her in exchange for boo. *Uhm-- I can get with that!!* I expressed into a medicine syringe and he walked it down the street. He returned with deviled eggs as promised. :o) Turns out she was having some issues with vertigo and had heard me say that breast milk could help with ear infections. I couldn't turn up anything for vertigo specifically on Google, but she claims it did help.

I've been known to leave in my contacts longer than I should and irritate my eyes. I find even drops marketed for sensitive eyes to sting me, so whenever that happens, I use boo.

Stuffy nose on a baby? Squirt some boo up there. Scraped knees? Boo on a bandaid. I began breaking out on my face something terrible so ya know what I did? Oh yeah-- boo.

Today I found myself Googling 'breast milk wart' as Chloe has her second one. The first was a tiny little thing on the inner rim of her ear which was frozen at home without incident. This one has proven much more difficult. Evidently, there has been some research about breast milk and warts and even a cream at one point.

I find myself having moments of worry-- what about when I don't make boo anymore? What will we do for a case of after hours pink eye?

My mom & I joked about freezing bags full of tiny cubes that could be removed as needed. I'm still waiting for the day when Ben has to ask for a boo cure!

Do you use breast milk for things other than nourishment? How far do you take 'human milk for humans'? Do you pump for kiddos that have weaned and now eat solids and use a cup? (I admit-- I've added Ovaltine to boo once for Marley.) Is it for immunity or nutrients? Do you or someone else in your house drink/use it? Have you used breast milk for a remedy I haven't listed?


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