Friday, September 10, 2010

CC Bums Review

CC Bums sent me an awesome diaper to review. She sent an AIO in a big enough size to fit my large 2 year old. My first impression was great, as she sent a fun pirate themed diaper. Our kind of style! Fleece outer, and a suede cloth inner. I have never used suede cloth, so this intrigued me further. The first time he wore it I had only prepped it with one wash. She advised more washes, but I am one of those impatient people. The fit, spectacular. No bunching, no sore spots from snaps, no red thighs from elastics fitting too snuggly. The fit was perfect! I left this on him for about 4 hours to test the absorbency. I kept feeling for dampness on the outer, but felt nothing. When I took it off of him, I loved that the suede cloth felt dry to the touch. Yes, I wiped my hand across his wet diaper, just so I could submit a complete review! There was very little dampness to be felt.

CC Bums is owned and operated by a mama. She offers a vast selection of diapers, fleece longies/skirties, diaper covers, mama cloth and tampons, wet bags.... her list of talents goes on! She was super sweet to communicate with, and you can feel the pride she has in the products she offers. Fly over to her page, and show this hardworking mama some love!


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