Friday, September 24, 2010

Blame It On The Sleep Deprivation

I feel kind of guilty that I don't have a great post to share today. Things have been exhausting around here. Holliday is teething, and we haven't had normal, or even close to normal sleep in 2 weeks. We have been up with him about 5-8 times per night after he retires at about 11. Lastnight was the best yet. With a midnight bedtime he slept until 8. I felt slightly refreshed this morning, but found myself selfishly wanting more.

Tolliver woke with a cold. A girl in his gymnastics class showed up sick on Tuesday, and voila! here we are with a sick, snuggly toddler.

Times have definitely been trying as of late. I have found myself in tears, frustrated, exhausted and amazed at all the dips and dives of parenthood. In all of this, my husband has been nothing short of amazing. He may not have the right words to calm me when I am in tears, but his actions are definitely making up for it. He has been up with Holliday almost as much as I have. Generally I try to be the one to wake with Hobby in the night, since Shane has to wake for work. Lately my exhaustion is showing, and without complaints, Shane is springing up to soothe our pained boy.

I really am lucky to have such a supportive and involved husband. I know there are so many mamas out there that aren't as lucky. Shane is so hands on, and takes on just as much weight as I do. He doesn't think twice about staying up until midnight with Holliday so that I can try to get an hour or two in before the nightly battle begins. He really does get it. We didn't create a family for me to raise, it's a joint effort. I am amazed by my mama friends who do it all. Most are so used to it that they don't even complain. I'd complain. I rely on the help and boosts of sanity from my husband; I couldn't imagine doing it all myself.

Sorry for the disappointing post, readers. My hope is that things return to normal and I can get back on track for next week.

Tammy, Connected Mom


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