Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bamboobies: Ultra soft nursing pads

Ultra-soft, ultra-thin, and sustainable, say it is so!  I recently had the pleasure of trying Bamboobies, a new line of nursing pads designed by a mom in Colorado.  They're different from your regular nursing pads because they are waterproof and natural.  Bamboobies uses a waterproof fabric to back their bamboo velour nursing pads.  Now normally its a big no-no to use waterproof pads because it keeps moisture next to the skin; however, the bamboo wicks away moisture and it has natural anti-microbial properties. Bamboo also holds 4x more milk than cotton.  This morning when I took them out, I was surprised because  I could feel the trapped milk.  They were every bit as absorbent as disposable pads, but I get to wash these beauties and keep them!

Bamboo has become a popular fabric for diaper making in recent years because of its unique properties.  A lot of companies have adopted it for nursing pads as well.  Bamboobies is different for a number of reasons.  As I stated previously, it is waterproof, but it also comes in a cute heart-shaped design.  The heart-shaped design with the ultra-thin fabrics allows it to cup your nipple better, and well, it's kind of cute.  My husband got a kick out of my bright pink hearts last night.  The water-proof design also prevents those lovely milk stains.  Bamboobies also uses only fair trade fabrics!

Bamboobies are handmade and hail from Boulder, Colorado (a.k.a. on e of my favorite places in the world).  You can get your own pair at www.buybamboobies.com


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