Wednesday, December 9, 2009

YAY!  I'm so happy to help.  Let's have a cupcake.

If you're in the market for a co-sleeper, I've used both of these:
Arm's Reach Natural Original Co-SleeperHumanity Family Bed Co Sleeping Pad


blankets said... [Reply to comment]

This would be fantastic advice... if my child WOULD co-sleep. Plz be needing a, every time I've tried to co-sleep it makes my child get super hyper. It doesn't work for everyone. :-/ Man I was excited about this post too! :(

Jenn @ Connected Mom said... [Reply to comment]

You clicked on the wrong adventure blankets. If you return to the other pages, you can click to get more advice from other moms.

blankets said... [Reply to comment]

I clicked on ALL the "adventures" for under 18 months, actually. There are comments NOW but your options on the page only suggest cosleeping for under 18 months. :-/ And, having just done it again to check, almost all the comments are just on how awesome cosleeping is. It's not really so much a "sleep problems" post as it is a gogogo bedsharing! post. I just think calling it a sleep problems post is misleading since well... you aren't actually addressing ACTUAL sleep problems with younger babies. :(

Morgan said... [Reply to comment]

I also could not find any other advice besides bedsharing for under 18 months. It's not for everyone, and even those who do it don't always do it that long, you know?

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