Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What leads you to this conclusion?  Is your child tired and not thriving?  It may be time to readjust your bedtime routine to help your child get to bed earlier.

Are you getting frustrated and need downtime?  That's understandable.  As an at-home, bedtime is my break time!  Consider creating cues to help your child sleep, a gentle routine, and try the gentle techniques to help your child sleep linked below.

Or is someone else telling you your child is staying up too late?  Well-meaning people often offer advice based on their own child's needs.  Someone recently told me her pediatrician insisted her daughter be in bed at 8:30.  Her daughter was happy, thriving, and well-rested despite staying up a bit later.  Her mom got off work late and they spent time playing and eating together.  Bed at 8:30 would remove that valuable reconnection time!  Don't get caught up in expert opinions if your child is happy and you are comfortable, there's no magic time to children must be in bed.



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