Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Under 18 months

I recommend co-sleeping.  If you breastfeed it is safe to bedshare.  If you don't consider a co-sleeper or other in room arrangement.


But I'm worried about teaching my child to sleep.

But I'm a working mom.

But my husband is worried it know...

Co-sleeping is not an option.

Great idea, anything else?



Ashley said... [Reply to comment]

Sadly my 7mo old little boy doesn't enjoy co-sleeping - he likes his own space :( But he also likes to chow down on the boobies 2x night, and after 7mo, I am hitting a wall BIG time. Stumbling into his room night after night, twice a night, is making me a little delirious...

Jenn @ Connected Mom said... [Reply to comment]

Ashley, have you tried putting the crib in your room, so that he has his space but you don't have to go all the way to his room? You might pop over to our FB page in the morning and ask for more advice.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

My almost 9mth old sleeps in our room. Either in his own bed or in bed with us. He is still waking 3 times a night and sometimes will wake and want to stay awake for up to a hour. I nurse him on demand, but feeding him that many times is causing me to become dehydrated. I'm trying to keep my water supply up. Any suggestions on helping him sleep better and cutting a feeding out?

Jenn @ Connected Mom said... [Reply to comment]

Hi Anonymous, I'll post this to our FB group tomorrow

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