Wednesday, December 9, 2009

There's an unfortunate tendency in modern society to look for a fix without finding the root of the problem.  If you are having issues with your child not staying in bed, try talking with them about it.  Also pay close attention to their sleep patterns.  If they go down very easily one night, did you do anything differently?  Has there been a major change at home?  Sometimes something as simple as mom or dad starting a new job can affect a child's sleep.  Other times the reason is more obvious.  For instance, moving to a new home is almost certain to bring on some sleep issues.  Be gentle during these transitions and try to remember children are people too and are affected by stress, change, and atmosphere.

Your child may be needing additional reconnection time and seeking it out in the middle of the night.  There a re a number of gentle ways to handle this situation.  Bringing the child back to bed, offering a glass of water, and rubbing her back is generally more effective than engaging in a power struggle.

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