Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Don't be!  Babies are biologically programmed to be near their mothers from birth through those first important years, and you are biologically programmed to be near baby.  You belong together.  One of the important things Dr. Sears, a world-famous AP pediatrician, reminds new parents is to be wary of baby trainers or getting to caught up in training or teaching or scheduling baby.

Your baby will develop a routine that allows him or her to sleep anywhere you are.  Your scent, your warmth and your touch will help your baby get the rest he or she needs to focus on development.  There are outstanding resources for helping you transition older children out of your bed as they get older and develop object permanence.

So if that's what is holding you back, don't worry about it.  Don't trust me?  That's cool.  Check out Dr. James McKenna's research on the subject.

I'm still not sure/I don't think it's for us

Great!  Any other ideas?


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