Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pre-seed Review & Giveaway!

When my husband and I started trying to conceive (TTC) I was a bit surprised to learn that most lubricants are actually harmful to sperm and shouldn't be used. Pardon me for over sharing here, but when you are TTC you have do the deed quite often and let's face it, sometimes you just need a lubricant. So what's a couple to do? Risk using a lubricant and killing some sperm? Or skip intercourse on a potentially critical day because you don't want it to be uncomfortable? Well, this dilemma is exactly why I was so happy to find out about Pre-Seed. Pre-Seed is a "fertility-friendly" personal lubricant. It's doesn't harm sperm. It's exactly what couples trying to conceive need, so I jumped at the chance to review this product.

Pre-Seed's website identifies reasons that makes their product so unique. Some of those reasons are:

  • Balanced to match fertile cervical mucus
  • Applied inside vagina to mimic natural moisture
  • Patented antioxidant for sperm cell support
  • Published studies show no harm to sperm or embryos
  • Clinically shown less irritating than other lubricants

The first thing I did when I opened the Pre-Seed was smell it. I know that may seem weird, but I hate scented products and was happy to find Pre-Seed to be scent free. It didn't smell like anything. I loved that. I have very sensitive skin and I have had bad experiences with other personal lubricants causing irritation. Pre-Seed was so different than any other product I have used. It is light, silky and not sticky or oily like other lubricants. I rubbed some on the back of my hand and when it dried it didn't feel like I had put any product on my skin at all. There was no scent or residue. I really liked that.

The directions recommend using the product vaginally using the provided applicators. This product mimics your body's fertile cervical mucus and when using the applicator it applies the lubricant right in the area your own cervical mucus would be. The applicators screw right onto the tube and you draw out the desired amount and insert it vaginally. It was really easy to use and it wasn't messy AT ALL. It provided the desired lubrication and wasn't irritating. In fact, besides providing the lubrication needed, we didn't even notice it was there. That was a first for me. Usually when we use any type of lubricant I am always at least partially aware that it's there. To my sensitive skin, most lubricants would be at least slightly irritating. Pre-Seed didn't feel any different than my body's natural moisture. I loved that.

Pre-Seed can also be applied externally just like any other lubricant. As mentioned previously, I loved that it doesn't feel sticky or oily as many lubricants do. When using other lubricants after applying, I always feel like I immediately want it off my hands and hope that a towel is near. What a mood killer. With Pre-Seed it feels so natural and doesn't leave sticky residue so I didn't even worry about it. It's water based and goes on smooth without being messy. It feels very natural. I would definitely recommend this product to any and all couples trying to conceive. Their slogan is "seriously fun baby-making" and I can attest to the truthfulness of that statement.

Now for the fun part: Pre-Seed is giving away a tube of their amazing product for you to try!

Basic Rules:

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Good luck! Giveaway will be open from Today (6/8) to Wednesday 6/15 at 11:59 EST. Entries are numbered and chosen at random. The winner will be announced Thursday, June 16th. The winner will be contacted and has 48 hours to get back to me before I choose another winner.

Pre-Seed donated this product for review and no other compensation was received. The views expressed are purely my own.


Andria said... [Reply to comment]

I learned from Preseed's website that a couple only has a 20% chance of becoming pregnant each month during the woman’s fertile time! I never knew that!

Andria said... [Reply to comment]

I "liked" The Connected Mom on facebook! (andria Briggette)

Andria said... [Reply to comment]

I "liked" Pre-seed on facebook! (Andria Briggette)

Andria said... [Reply to comment]

I'm following through GFC! (lipstick & Lullabies)

Stephanie Nichole said... [Reply to comment]

Followed pre seed on Facebook Stephanie Nichole Pavey

Stephanie Nichole said... [Reply to comment]

I found it interesting how 52% of woman used Pre~Seed to supplement inadequate fertile secretions.. I use it with my husband and we both have fertity issues

Stephanie Nichole said... [Reply to comment]

I followed connected mom's blog already

Stephanie Nichole said... [Reply to comment]

Just tweeted about the give away > I just entered to win the Pre-seed give away today.. heck yes Seriously fun Baby making;) @theconnectedmom and @PreSeedBaby @StephStephIVF2

Jamie said... [Reply to comment]

I learned from the Pre-seed website that other forms of lubrication can damage or prevent sperm from reaching the eggs. But with Pre-seed the sperm have a better chance of survival because of the consistency of pre-seed being similar to the woman's own secretions during fertile times. I liked your page on FB and pre-seed page on FB. I also signed up for the newsletter.

Heather said... [Reply to comment]

I learned Pre~Seed arriving at ALL Walgreens stores across the US by June 1st!

Minni said... [Reply to comment]

Hi...i love this product..i liked connected mom on facebook... and iam already connected to pre-seed..

Minni said... [Reply to comment]

I also got pre-seed sample

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Dont have twitter account but is that fine if like connected mom and preseed on facebook and website?

TheSilvasFamily said... [Reply to comment]

Just tweet about this giveaway on my twitter @evestherYoutube

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Im now following TheconnectedMom Blog ;) (evesther)

TheSilvasFamily said... [Reply to comment]

I learned from the Preseed webpage that "other personal lubricant can damage the sperm and should no be use when trying to concieve"

TheSilvasFamily said... [Reply to comment]

I already follow preseed on facebook but started following TheConnectedMom as well, Evelyn Silva!!

Cindy said... [Reply to comment]

i learned that mens fertility starts to decline in their 40"s.