Thursday, February 14, 2013

Letters From My Son

My son is almost eight and loves to read and write. As soon as he was able to read on his own I started to leave him notes in his lunchbox every so often; at first, he would just read them, but then he started writing back, and now, we've gotten into full fledged correspondence.

Each phase of parenthood brings joy, challenges, and plenty of unexpected developments. I did not expect note-writing to be part of the relationship between my son and I, but I'm so glad it is. I hope it continues well into adolescence and adulthood. Following are some of his more memorable expressions in writing.

This is one of the first notes he wrote to me. Things I love about this:
a) It's clear and to the point.
b) It's a run-on sentence.
c) It's all one word.


This is from Kindergarten. The spelling is atrocious and part of the whole "sound words out" approach of the NY school system, whether they be spelled correctly or not (which I hate, but that's another blog post), so it's translated below.

"I called out 2 times I got out of my seat 1 time I talked 2 times" This means he knows he's going to be in trouble...

"But you are still the best mommy ever and I still love you." So basically, I still rule. Or, he just wants to avoid the trouble.


Ok, technically this isn't a note; it's a drawing. But I enjoy the fact that his love for me is so strong it demanded its own exclamation point.


I hate migraines. But I love the fact that they produce this:

 (I love you mommy I hope you feel better I love you so much)


That's right. He gets to go on vacation, all. Because. Of. ME.


Yup, you heard it here. My kid thinks I should be President, y'all! Cunningham 2016!

Also, I organize things very nicely.


I just love his use of the slash in this one.



This made me laugh so hard. I had to really hold it in when I had to give him the note back.


Lest you thought it was all fun and games around here, I am apparently not perfect. Clearly, my humor is lost on my child.

He will be a very good supervisor some day. He already knows to start with the positive feedback and then politely give some constructive criticism.


"Green all day" means that he was good in school (they have a color system--green, yellow, orange, red). 

Also, I am a number one mom. You know, in case there was every any doubt.


I intend to keep all the notes and turn them into a scrapbook. It's amazing to see my son's writing develop over the last couple of years. When he gets older I'd like to get us a correspondence notebook where we can communicate on a regular basis through writing; it really is a wonderful thing. I read an article once where a mother was discussing all the things she and her daughter shared through writing that she doesn't know would have been communicated otherwise.

Dear Alex, I love you.


Renee :) said... [Reply to comment]

Fantastic idea! I plan to read it when Ember can read. Maybe I will leave her pictures till then. I can't draw, but she doesn't mind! :)

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