Thursday, December 27, 2012

One Word

Do you make resolutions for the new year? Do you keep them?

Last year I had this brilliant (read: doomed to fail) idea to commit to One Word for 2012. My word was intentional. 

Don't get me wrong; it's actually a fabulous idea, it just didn't work for me this year. After multiple attempts to jump start my motivation for intentional living, I admitted defeat somewhere around the beginning of May.

So, I decided for 2013 I would not choose a word. Perhaps a year is just too long, too intimidating. Also, to me, intentional seemed so . . . so . . . goal oriented. I would strive to be intentional in all areas of my life. I would be intentional with my kids. with my husband. with my writing. I would check in with myself weekly, monthly, quarterly to evaluate my progress. Intentional people have it together. I can't take that kind of pressure. No word for me, thanks.

Then I realized, maybe I just need a different kind of word.

Maybe I  didn't need to try to "be" anything other than present. Maybe what I really needed to do was slow down and focus on what's right in front of me. Maybe I should stop thinking in terms of goals and getting my future self in order and simply take life one day, one hour, one minute at a time.

My word for 2013 is breathe

What's yours?

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day.


Meegs said... [Reply to comment]

That's a great word! My word for 2012 was balance, and I think that's a good one for 2013 as well. I'm going to add another though: simplify. I think its easy to get caught up in wanting to do too much, buy too much, expect too much... so, I'm going to try to simplify.

B. Jenkins said... [Reply to comment]

Breathe is a wonderful word! Probably needs to be mine! Sometimes I'm very short-tempered so if I just calm down and "breathe" I may handle situations a little differently! My word this year is "anew". Here is my post about it

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