Monday, September 3, 2012

The Simple Boxcar: Bring Nick Home

When Ani of The Simple Boxcar asked us if we would be interested in hosting a feature post for her I jumped at the chance. For anyone not familiar with Ani’s story; she is single, naturally minded, home-schooling mom to Nick. Nick has been removed from his mother’s care on false allegations and kept through loopholes in state law because of Ani's 'alternative' lifestyle and parenting choices. You can read all about what is happening in Ani’s own words HERE.  

I started following Ani on twitter just about two years ago, I felt there were a number of things we connected over, what originally drew me was our mutual interest in the art of living simply. I also appreciated Ani’s wit and her willingness to share, discuss, and defend her political and/or spiritual views in a way that both challenges and delights me. I was awed and inspired by her ability to create the life she wanted, to stay at home to educate her son, Nick, to follow her passions, to live simply and harmoniously without the support of a partner or extended family.

Her strength is simply magic. Despite the absolute nightmare she is living through she is still working and creating, still fighting for little things-small details to bring Nick as much joy as she can during the limited visitations they have. She has not forgotten her faith, she has not deterred in her commitment to doing what’s right for her family. I am so happy to be supporting her as much as I can, I am proud to call her a friend.

Currently Ani is raising funds to hire a private attorney who will be able to give Nick’s case the attention it deserves. Part of her plan to do that is her Etsy shop, The Simple Boxcar, here you can find all manner of lovely knitted items from scarves and hats to washcloths to dolls to yoga bags and, my personal favourite, these fabulous barefoot sandals (I like to call them festival footies because they are absolutely perfect for the grassy dance floors of outdoor music festivals):

The yarn Ani crafted these out of is so soft and the colours are so beautiful and vibrant and perfect I literally squealed when they arrived in my mail box. I love that there is a lot of extra material in the ties to give you a few style options, and the quality of the yarn makes them so comfortable even if (like me) you don’t always like the feeling of fabric around your toes. If you’re not really into going barefoot these can be used to fancy up plain ballet flats or worn on your hands.

This is what happens when you try to do a photo-shoot at nap time
Ani sent me this pair free of charge so that I could tell you all about them and I think the highest praise I can give is to say that I just placed another order for a beautiful cowl for fall and winter.

As well as supporting Ani’s shop I have also sent her a small donation through the paypal buttons on her blog, and I’ve signed the petition that has been set up urging the state to right the wrong that has been done here. All parents deserve the right to make decisions for their children without the threat of actions like these and all families, no matter what size, shape, or colour, deserve to be supported in whatever decisions they make. 

Please Support Ani to bring Nick home in whatever way you can, shop her Etsy store, send a donation, send her kind words and prayers, share her story with your networks. Thank you!


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