Tuesday, April 17, 2012

When Healthy Food Doesn't Matter

When I'm pregnant with a baby that "sticks" for longer than a week or two, I get extremely sick.  Normal morning sickness is a dream compared to how sick I get.  I have hyperemesis gravidarum, or severe sickness when pregnant that nothing can treat and doesn't get better with time.  When you're pregnant, you're not supposed to lose weight and then barely gain anything (if you even gain).  Morning sickness is supposed to go away and you're supposed to have a great rest of the pregnancy.

I don't have that.  I'm okay with how mine go because I'm prepared for it, not that they are fun by any means, but I've learned that when it is like this, eating healthy for me and my daughter flies out the window.

Most of the day (without medication to help and lots of natural remedies combined day to day), I can hardly stand up with feeling sick or rushing to the bathroom, so I can't stand up and make healthy food from scratch.  It's just not possible.

My natural food side cringes, but my sustain my family side realizes that it's okay to not eat healthy if something is stopping it.

If you came and looked at my pantry right now, most people in this community would shudder and walk away judging me.  And you know what, I'm okay with that.

It's filled with foods my daughter can make herself, foods I can make with very minimal effort, and a lot of foods I wouldn't dream of feeding my family except in times like these.

Sometimes, you have to go with what works.  Sometimes, it is completely okay to buy plastic containers and bags, to buy very cheap food with tons of preservatives, to do what you have to do to make it through.

Life throws you curve balls.  Nothing can go completely how you plan or how you envision your life to be.  This is a struggle for us, going from eating mostly home cooked meals to eating a lot of what I consider junk, but it's how life works.

If you can't always eat healthy and how you want your family to eat, that is completely okay!  Don't feel that you are any less of a great mother or father, because you are amazing.  You do as much as you can, and let the "slack" fall where it may.


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