Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A "Field" Trip

I won't lie, field trips are one thing I worried about when we decided to homeschool.  I loved the field trips we were able to go on when I was in school, and I wanted my daughter to have that too.

This weekend we went with my family to the Fremont Indian Museum and Cove Fort.  We've gone places with them before, but not when our daughter was old enough to understand what was going on.

At the Museum, my daughter was enthralled with the video they played before we walked through the museum and walked the grounds to see the rock drawings.  She kept looking at my dad and talking about the Indians during the movie, and was so excited to be learning.

We walked through the museum and she crushed corn the way the Fremont Indians did, she climbed in and out of the houses they lived in, looked at everything and was so excited.

When we went on the hike around the Visitor's Center, she would point out the rock paintings to us and would lead everyone in a discussion of what we thought they were drawing.

Outside the center, they have a Granary and a house set up, which you can climb into.  We climbed down, talked about how they lived, if we could do it, and where the Fremont Indians might have gone.

After, she bought some rock candy and since it was Easter, you could pick an Easter Egg and keep what was inside.  Inside she got a rock in the shape of a rabbit, and every time she sees it, she talks about the Indians and everything she learned.

Cove Fort she was much less interested, but they had places to run around so she really wanted to enjoy the sun before we had to drive the two hours home.

Going there and watching her learn made me realize that she won't need formal field trips to go places and learn new things.  Because we will be homeschooling, we can do this whenever we want!  Utah is full of history, and Southern Utah is close to a lot of it so we don't have to travel very far to see amazing things.

I can't wait until we go on our next "field" trip.


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