Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Putting the Haute in Hot Mama!

I can't sing the praises of Hot Mama Gowns loudly enough, but I'll try.

When I delivered my son after a 30 hour induction, which included spending all 30 hours in a scratchy, uncomfortable hospital gown splayed on my hospital bed, I felt anything but hot. Since I wound up with a cesarean (gee, a 30 hour induction didn't work?), I was stuck in those awful hospital gowns for four more days. I struggled with breastfeeding as a result of my surgery and spent literally hours in bed in that gown, breasts hanging out, trying to nurse correctly. I'm pretty sure that everyone who worked on that floor walked in to a view of my cha-chas at some point.

So when I stumbled across Hot Mama Gowns, I was instantly smitten. What some might see as a splurge, I saw as a necessity for upcoming births. There are few times in a woman's life when she is more vulnerable, joyful, exhausted, and overwhelmed than following the birth of a child, and few times more people will want to visit her! I've had the opportunity to check out Hot Mama Gowns in person and they are well worth the investment. Why not have something fabulous to wear on some of the most important days of your life?

And a Hot Mama gown's usefulness extends long past your recovery time in the hospital. Because they are so comfortable and stylish, it's the perfect thing to slip on at home to nurse your little one or to receive more of your baby's admirers. It's much more practical than 95% of the nursing gowns I've used in the past, and much prettier than the old robe most of us subject ourselves to wearing during those long first few days and weeks.

But one of the reasons I love Hot Mama Gowns so much is their commitment to gentle mothering. Unlike some of their competitors, Hot Mama Gowns has committed to making their gowns using organic cotton fabrics AND producing them in the U.S.A. So when baby is spending precious time bonding with mom, they're doing so against the softest and safest material possible. And I'm so thrilled to announce that this year through the hard work and determination of their owner and Hot Mama Gowns' designer, they've been able to honor that commitment while lowering prices. Major kudos!

So even though we are planning a homebirth with this baby, I still want a Hot Mama Gown. I expect I'll want something fabulous to slip on even at home. After all, I'm sure to have lots of people visiting to check out new baby Sydney!

So to wrap it up, Hot Mama Gowns feature:
-100% Organic Cotton dyed using only 100% natural or low-impact dyes

- Short sleeves and a full coverage snap-open back

- Two ribbon-tied panels allow for quick and easy access for discreet nursing
Prices range from $119-$130


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