Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Mother Magazine Review and Giveaway

I have been trying to find a new natural living and parenting magazine since Motherhood stopped their print issues, and so many of my friends in this community rave about The Mother Magazine.  I kept putting off reading it, though their facebook page is loaded with information.

I was sent three issues of the magazine from this year, and as soon as I opened the envelope and saw what was written in each issue had me hooked.  However, what really sold me was an article in the May/June 2012 issue.

We are, for now, following a more unschooling program than actual homeschooling and doubts creep in regularly whether we are doing the right thing and if she will ever "catch up" to other children her age.  She is teaching herself to read and is very interested in it, but she just isn't there yet.

The article in the May/June issue is titled Unschooling: inspired thinking or educational neglect? by Chaley-Ann Scott.  The title drew me.  The same thoughts had run through my head.  She writes about how unschooling works in her home, how her children thrive at their own pace, and how unschooling has grown in many countries, including the US.  She discusses both sides of the unschooling 'debate' and explains why there is such a huge divide between homeschoolers and unschoolers.

Though I will say for me, the best part of the entire article was her discussing when her children learned to read.  Her daughter learned at six, in almost the same way that my daughter is learning, but her son didn't have any interest until he was eight.  She discusses how she felt during the long wait for her late reader, but that she knew to wait for him.

I thumbed through the rest of the issue and was blown away by the amount of information on so many diverse topics.  One issues goes from Vitamin K information to barefoot babies.  Another discusses The Red Tent Movement to maternal health in Nigeria.  There are beautiful pictures within, whether they're babywearing, nursing, birthing, or families interacting.  Every issue contains healthy recipes, which I have yet to try, but they look delicious and simple.

This magazine is everything I have been looking for since Motherhood stopped.  I actually think it is better than Motherhood ever was.  The topics are real questions parents and families ask themselves, and they're written by people that have been there and researched this for months.

If you have anything you want to write about, you can send in submissions to them, and be published in the magazine, which is one of my favorite parts.  You aren't hearing from random big shot sources like other parenting magazines, you're hearing from real people.

The very best part?  The Mother Magazine is giving away ten free issues to ten lucky families!  This magazine is one that you truly want in your library, even if just for the recipes, pictures, or to have on hand in case you ever need a bit of advice.

Just complete the form and you can get 10 easy entries for your chance to win!

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Meegs said... [Reply to comment]

This sounds like a great magazine! While I appreciate that a lot of "mainstream" mags are trying to incorporate more info on breastfeeding and babywearing, they are still lacking in much of the other organic stuff I try to include in my life. This looks like a mag that has all I'm looking for!!

Brenda said... [Reply to comment]

I'm interested in trying this magazine out. Hope I win!

Meggan said... [Reply to comment]

This sounds like something I'd be interested in reading!

Jackie P said... [Reply to comment]

I unschool my daughter and I was a public school teacher. No two kids are alike and not everyone learns the same. Unschooling works for us. Do I still have my doubts sometimes, yes, but it isn't stopping us from moving forward.

Jackie, who is semi unschooling her daughter all the way to college.
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Julia Mangan said... [Reply to comment]

I loved Mothering and was so sad when they stop printing. This sounds like a wonderful alternative!

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