Monday, January 17, 2011

Spotlight on a Breastfeeding Partner #2

The Spotlight on a Breastfeeding Partner series aims to highlight the fathers, partners, or cheerleaders behind a breastfeeding mom.  This celebration of breastfeeding support underscores the role support people play in successful breastfeeding and provides encouragement for future breastfeeding partners.  To nominate someone in your life for the spotlight, click here.

Role: Dad
Supporting breastfeeding since 2010

From his wife, Kat: He encouraged me through the long days and nights of a newborn when I said I wanted to give up. He didn't want me to have formula in the house "just in case" (which had been suggested to me numerous times). I'm so glad I didn't because I think I might have given into the temptation. He also encouraged me to nurse in public when my daughter was newborn -- he didn't want me to feel I had to use a cover or hide in another room. He also explained it to his two sons who live with us part-time (12 and 16) that it was natural and I was feeding their sister and that they shouldn't be embarrassed or feel they had to look away. 

I don't know that I would have made it without him. My daughter is 6 months now and I still nurse on demand and plan to until she weans herself.

My 12-year old step-son is another of my biggest supporters. He tends to sit next to me or stand in front of me wherever we are to "protect" me from anyone staring or confronting me. It's quite cute.

Q: What do you treasure most about our nursing relationship?
    A: the 4-6 second mark when you both sink back in unmitigated connection and peace.

 Q:How have you bonded with our breastfed baby?
    A: burping her, holding her, talking to her, playing with her, watching music videos on youtube with her.

 Q: Why was my breastfeeding important to you?
    A: health and connection reasons. helps the baby feel immediately secure, safe and loved. fastest way of reducing anxiety and pani

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I love this series! Hooray for the men in our lives who help make breastfeeding even more rewarding!

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