Friday, August 13, 2010

My first review with Connected Mom! I couldn't be more excited to share this with you all!

I have been using Clean B detergent for a few months now. Prior, I was using one of the big names, and wasn't sure how Clean B could possibly measure up. I waited for a '1/2 Way Day' and ordered 2 large bags of her detergent.

Melissa, owner and creator of Clean B, is the sweetest woman I have ever done business with. She is a mom of 7 (almost 8!), she homeschools, cloth diapers, and simpy does it all! She stands proudly behind her products, as she should!

My first impression of the detergent was to drool. This stuff smells amazing! She has over 75 different scents to choose from, and if you like things extra scented, you can 'Double the Yummy' for super scented detergent. My kind of product! Again, I was a little hesitant as I was already in love with my current detergent. However, I didn't use it on all of my laundry because I love all good smelling things and the scent washed away with the other stuff. My first shot was a load of our laundry. Smelled awesome going in, but how would it smell coming out? Amazing! My clothes had a delicious scent! 1 point for Clean B. Next test, diapers. Again, amazing! I think this is where my love (and obsession) for Clean B began. I instantly made another order for various scents and items. Her baby wash is to die for! I made a small suggestion for foaming bottles, voila, she had foaming bottles up for grabs within two weeks! Her Wetwipe Solution is AWESOME! Her pail Freshener is the bee's knees! Try the Natural Oxygen because it WILL get your clothes and diapers brighter!

She has various deals throughout the weeks as well. Monday she has a detergent and pail freshener combo, the first Wednesday of each month she has 1/2 Way Day which is 1/2 price shipping (1/3 off shipping for us Canadian's!) and free Fridays.

I use Clean B for everything. It has touched just about every surface in my house. Laundry, as a carpet shampooer solution, carpet spot treatment solution, dishwasher detergent, all purpose cleaner and even to scrub the toilets. I LOVE this stuff! My husband takes each opportunity to poke fun at me as Clean B has become a common topic of our discussions.

I have converted even non-cloth diapering mama's to Clean B. I have sparked the obsession within a couple of friends, and I think it's safe to say they can't go back now!

As I mentioned before, Melissa of Clean B is a super sweet and generous woman. She has offered up a large bag and full size baby wash to two readers, in your choice of scent. To enter to win one of these awesome prizes, go to the Clean B website, pick a scent you would like to try, then slip over to our Facebook Page and either tell us what scent you want to try in the baby wash, or for the bag of detergent, show us a photo of either a diaper stash needing some Clean B love, or some laundry in need of some Clean B TLC, and tell us what scent you would love to try.

Winners will be announced next Friday!


To win the baby wash - visit Clean B and tell us what scent sounds yummy to you! Post on our Facebook wall.

Large bag of detergent - Post a photo of your diaper stash or laundry on our Facebook wall and tell us what yummy scent you would like.

Tammy, Connected Mom


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